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For hump Wednesday, I want to encourage all of us to confront those obstacles that we are afraid of facing. Social media is flooded with happy times and smiles and I myself will admit it is not always like that.

I want to share with you my own fears and frustrations that I have held on to and have prevented me from moving forward for a long time. Ten months ago I was let go from a job that I had been working at for over 8 years since I finished fellowship, due to financial restraints.

I was already feeling anxiety but I knew it was time actually. I felt inside myself that I had something bigger to do. I had been working on my virtual pathology business but I always believed that I would have my full-time job to support the family. When I was placed in a position that I knew I had to finally figure it out, I was afraid. I withdrew socially and really treaded water while keeping a smile in public.

Imagine that you cannot swim and the lake is your obstacle to get to the other side. What are you going to do? Are you going to learn to swim or are you going to find another way across? Use whatever works for you to get there. Just don’t give up and ask for help. If you don’t get assistance, which you may not through social media or even those you know, lean on those who have been with you the whole time.

Persevere, be persistent, and keep faith and hope alive. These trying times will make us stronger and make us realize who and what is truly important!

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