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How do you measure Change?

Keisha Davis M.D.

It’s wonderful seeing growth in clients from improvement in posture , technique, body habitus, and mindset. But how do you measure change? Do you use metrics, photos, videos, an app, social media, a journal or chart?

If you don’t record your work you can’t correct mistakes impeding your growth. For example, your trainer has added a new exercise to your routine and you notice you start to have pain in the back and neck. By looking at the videos you took executing the movement, you noticed that you were rounding your back and jerking during the movement. Now you are able to correct your technique and no longer have problems.

If you record your growth you are able to see how various aspects of your health affect each other. For instance, you start to have more tension at work. Now you notice that you have changed your eating habits, and skipped a few workouts as well as your morning meditation. When you look at your notes, You notice that your journaling has been more erratic, your food journal less healthy, you’ve been feeling more sick lately, and your weight has increased. So you find mental ways to alleviate the work stress, journal and read positive affirmations, and go back to your healthy eating habits . After a few weeks you notice that the work stress is no longer bothering you, you are eating better, feeling better and back to your normal weight.

Whatever methods you use makes sure you document your growth to see where you are making improvements, what’s working or not, and to encourage yourself on your journey to better health- mind, body, and soul!

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