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The Roadmap of Life

Our body and how things work is analogous to a highway system. Consider the highway road analogous to the organs and how they function as a unit and the material that makes up the road analogous to our tissues and ultra structurally the cells and our chromosomes. A lot of things factor into how things function. Living a healthy lifestyle and eating right are our external factors(asbestos, smoke, etc) similar to the weather on how roads and potholes form. But just like a road or bridge has to be repaired overtime so does our body. Just like a road can become damaged deep into its core , sometimes there are things that happened to our body beyond our control. The quality of cement is beyond our control. Our genes which lie on our chromosomes, are what are the blueprints of our body. It is a complex mix from both parents. Our game determine how our body and tissues are going to form and function. Some of our genes are inactive, other jeans have specific functions and even other help repair or control the rate at which our cells grow.. Sometimes a road is predisposed to being structurally weak. Some of us are genetically predisposed to diseases and cancer. And then when you add on outside stressors (eating bad food, sedentary lifestyle, pollurion, work and stress) this can accelerate the process of disease and cancer.

Don't blame yourself for any one thing you do. But do you understand it is a complex process and there are ways to prevent things from occurring. Also just like a road should always get a check up to make sure you are always making sure that your body is healthy and in tune. Cancer screening is imperative! Sometimes no matter how well you may be treating yourself, on a microscopic level things can be occurring beyond your control!

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