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More Than a Hair Thing

I sometimes look at other people with “wash n go” hair with envy. I was envious because it would be nice sometimes to be able to wash your hair and literally just go.

I always wondered how much time would I save if I didn't have to spend three hours on my daughters wash day conditioning, parting, detangling and combing in stages, preventing single-strand knots and ultimately styling my daughters hair. But then I realized that this time is also precious bonding time with my daughter. Yes my daughter does have thick, extra curly hair but I have learned that her hair has many gifts. It teaches us patience, self love, bravery against adversity, and also allows us to make our hair a work of art.

I actually enjoy styling her hair and making beautiful works of art that is a sense of accomplishment for me and a prize of beauty for her. I know on Saturdays sometimes I miss on a lot of events but I take this time to spend with her and let her know that her hair is beautiful, it is hers to accept, and God gave it to her. Coming full circle, there are a lot of things that others have that are unique. You may have a child with special needs, you may have some extra weight, anxiety, or another setback but we have to realize that this time is ours. Not all of us are given the same struggles and talents so no matter what, take that extra time on yourself whether it's diet, exercise, mental peace, or with our children. Take that extra time with ourselves or our loved ones to overcome those obstacles. Find the beauty in your presumed flaws. Nurture them and they will will grow into something amazing and uniquely yours!

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