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ALL THAT HAIR - Hair Care & Exercise

OK so we have heard all the excuses why people are not working out, but hair? To be honest this is actually a very common reason why many people, especially women of certain ethnicities don't work out or may work out on certain days of the week.

Imagine just getting your hair done at the salon and then going to a fitness class where you sweat it out! All of the money and time spent getting your hair done is wasted in the class. And for some people it's not worth it. But if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and choose to work out on a daily basis, you're going to have to figure out how you, your hair, image, and health can all work together.

Realize that health and working out is going to be part of your life. There are those times where you may want to go to a special function and get a hairstyle just for that. Then make sure that you have already done your sweaty workouts for the week and maybe do some light routine later that won't involve ruining your hairdo.

On a daily basis when you are working out, choose a hairstyle that fits your personality but also can work into your routine. If you are easygoing and always on the go, maybe a short do or something with a natural curl would be best. For me, I chose to go natural and lock my hair over 17 years ago. That has allowed me a lot more freedom with what I do. I know that I love working out and sweating on a daily basis, so I knew that certain hairstyles (permed, slick, tight curls) were not going to work for me.

If you love being on the cutting edge, then you need to realize that every day sweat may not fit into your routine. Or realize that one day you can have that sporty style then find variations (pin up, braid, etc.) to wear throughout the week. You have to find out what is important to you and what is going to work.

The main important thing is caring for your tresses regardless of what you are doing. When you are sweating and you know you have to get to work right after, make sure that you protect your hair during a routine. Personally I love using a satin scarf . I usually choose a black color that can go with almost any outfit. Take your hair, if it is long and pineapple it on the top of your head. Then take the scarf and wrap it around your edges. If it’s short, wrap, twist, or tuck it under. For style you could use a fashionable headband to go over it to complete the look. It really works. Usually when I'm done working out, taking a shower, and putting on make up all I have to do is let my hair down, spray some rosewater and oil on it and I'm done!

No matter what you do take care of your hair and take care of your health!

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